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The Michael T. Rainwater Dentist of the Year Award was created by NDDS in 1971 to recognize annually a member of the organization who has contributed significantly to the progress of dental health and the dental profession, and who has demonstrated good citizenship by participation in worthwhile community affairs.

2016 Dentist of the Year, Dr. ​Chris Adkins

adkinsDr. Adkins has been a part of organized dentistry for his entire career, and has given hours of service to the Georgia Dental Foundation, Northern District, and Greater Atlanta Dental Foundation, serving as a devoted colleague and advocate for underserved members of our community. Dr. Chris Adkins graduated from Emory school of dentistry in 1986 and then served for three years in the U.S. Navy. He is currently in private practice in the Stockbridge area where he has resided and practiced since leaving the Navy.  He is happily married to his wonderful wife Helen, and they three interesting and very intelligent sons.

From Dr. Ben W. Jernigan, Jr

"The Northern District dental Society dentist of the year award is named for Dr. Michael T Rainwater who ,among others, exemplified the ideals of service to the dental profession by extraordinary commitment to the dental health of his patients, the dental health of the underserved  residents of Georgia, and our dental organizations by serving in leadership roles. It is my honor and privilege to present this award to someone who demonstrates those outstanding traits of leadership and service that Dr. Rainwater personified.

Chris is been extremely committed to organized Dentistry since he started in private practice. He has risen through the ranks of the Northern District dental Society, where he had numerous committee roles and has also served in all the officers’ positions including President in 2007. Currently he is serving the Northern District as Trustee to the Georgia Dental Association, serving the American Dental Association as an alternate delegate, and as you know from his previous address, he is also president of the Northern District’s Greater Atlanta Dental Foundation.

He is also active in his community, through leadership positions in his church and various other community organizations.

Chris is a thoughtful, insightful, and committed leader to our organizations. He is one to always step up to the job, is through in his preparation and evaluation, he is always mindful of other opinions and open-minded about solutions. He is a devoted and tireless leader and we are lucky to have him. Please join me in congratulating Chris in receiving this well deserved award."

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