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Officer's Visit, Monday, October 1st

Officer's Visit, Monday, October 1st

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Member Spotlight: Dr. Cassandra Lichkay

An interview with one of NDDS's newer members.
Cassandra LichkayMeet Dr. Cassandra Lichkay, 2014 University of Florida graduate from Fayetteville, Georgia. She is currently a part-time associate in two practices, Brookhaven Dental Associates and Buckhead Dental Center. As a new member of the NDDS, we got to know her a little better!

Why did you choose a career in dentistry? I chose a career in dentistry for several reasons. I love people and being able to help others. Dentistry gave me the opportunity to do that, as well as use some of my artistic skills to make people happy and give them new self-confidence. As a woman, I also thought dentistry could give me the flexibility to have a family and enjoy life.

Do you have any concerns about the future of dentistry and your role as a provider of oral healthcare? I am concerned about the future of our patients and their oral education. I practice in a very educated and affluent area, but when I do volunteer work, I witness a disconnect between education and oral health. It seems patients are making decisions based on finances and insurance coverage, rather than on education and what is best for them. I want to be able to provide patients the best care, unrestricted by insurance and pre-conceived notions.

How do you think the procession and/or professional organizations could be improved in the coming years? I think professional organizations are important to provide support to dentists, especially politically and legally. We need to feel as if our organizations are supporting us fully so that we can concentrate on our patients and their needs. Increasing awareness and trust in our organizations in the future is key.

Tell me about your family. I will be married next summer to my amazing fiancé, Matt. We are planning the big day now. We only have a dog child named Meesa that we adopted. She is pretty much a diva and completely spoiled. We hope to have kids in the future though.

What will be your favorite Olympic sporting event to watch? Of course gymnastics! I grew up in gymnastics and dance.