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Help raise money for local charity dental clinics on August 19 at City Winery.

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The two-time Super Bowl champion will address attendees on Friday, October 20.

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A Message from our President

Dr. Ryan Vaughn introduces himself and goals for the year.
100_1526 Let me start off by saying that I am not the best person at putting words down on paper, so if this seems to become very stream-of-consciousness (or, God forbid, loss-of-consciousness) just bear with me. For those who don't know me, my name is Ryan Vaughn. My wife Julia and I live in Flowery Branch, Georgia, where I practice pediatric dentistry. We have been happily married for 9 years, which is amazing considering she has to deal with her 5 children: Madeleine, Elijah, Scarlett, Piper, and... me. I graduated from dental school at the Medical College of the College in 2007. I then finished my residency in 2009 and opened my own practice in the Gainesville, Georgia area. I also joined the Georgia Dental Association around this same time, thanks to my practice neighbor, Heather Perry McGee. (Shoutout!)

I am deeply honored that I was chosen to go through the ranks of leadership within the Northern District 3 years ago. The Georgia Dental Association is a fantastic organization, and to have the chance to help lead the largest district was a wonderful opportunity. Becoming an involved member when I did, I have seen a lot of change happen within the GDA and that has led us to where we are today in the Northern District. Those changes brought some introspection, and the Northern District leadership decided that we also needed change.

I have since deemed this multiyear process "Reset; Rebuild; Advance". Under the guidance of past presidents Donnie Brown and Evis Babo, the reset and rebuild processes have been ongoing for the past two years. Our district brought on a new management company; we changed our financial structure; we are in the midst of bylaw and governance changes. We are nearly there - close to completing our goals and moving on to the next phase of advance. By making these necessary changes, we have brought our district's functions into our modern society.

From here, we can grow membership and continue to fight for our practitioners across our district. We can accomplish new goals. For example, I would like to see Continuing Education return with the help of webinars and live streaming sessions. I would also like to continue involving as many of the younger dentists as possible to further engage all of the people we represent across our organization. Lastly, I would like to create a new type of mentorship program with the students graduating from the Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University. I know that these projects may seem ambitious, but with what we have accomplished so far, I think it is feasible.

Thank you again for this opportunity to lead you and if you ever need to contact me just drive up the I-85 corridor at 5:30 on a Friday afternoon. Or... just email or call me!

Ryan Vaughn, DMD